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Swedish Winter, 2021

This winter (which sounds weird saying because I'm from the Southern Hemisphere, so typically this time of year is my summer!) I was lucky enough to experience a few months in the Swedish winter, filled with winter dreams and magical snowy days. I was staying in South Sweden, in the Skåne region, in a little old town called Lund (maybe not so little). Due to COVID-19 and not owning a car we weren't able to travel as much as I would have liked but I was still able to have some pretty cool winter memories. The Skåne region and Lund, in general, don't typically see a lot of snow every winter so I was quite lucky to come at a time when the temperatures dropped and the snow fell!

Coming from the sunny land of Queensland, Australia it's not normal to see snow for me during winter (or ever really) and snow in Australia is really limited to mountain regions in the South. So these months of looking out the window and seeing snow falling or waking up in the morning and seeing our patio covered in snow was just so exciting.

Sentinel-2 imagery captures on the 10th of Feburary, 2021.

It was really convenient as we were located in the outer areas of Lund city, right next to a few other developments, a little lake and some farmland. This area buzzes in the summer when everyone emerges to enjoy the sunny days by the lake, picnicking and enjoying the outdoors. But in the winter it can become a sparse cold wasteland, especially during the dismal days of 1-6 degrees when its cold, rainy and overcast and there is no snow or sun. However, this winter we were blessed with a few weeks of continuing negative temperatures and the grim winter lake turned into a buzzing ice skating rink, filled with children and people enjoying their weekend skate - me included! I feel so lucky to have been able to have this magical winter experience, I think it's every 'Southerners dream'. I was constantly wowed and gasped by the magical winter sites and I think even in my next winters the sight of falling snow or frozen lakes will still feel magical.

Captured memories during my first Swedish Winter


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